Bristol Electrolysis

Polycystic Ovary syndrome

10% off treatments will be given for all PCOS sufferers if they can produce a Doctor’s note confirming this condition.

With PCOS the body has excess levels of androgens causing excess hair growth.  It is advised to get a diagnosis from a Doctor and start a hormone medication before embarking on hair removal.

With electrolysis we can permanently remove the hair.  However, PCOS means new hairs can start to grow at any time so, for some clients, electrolysis is a maintenance ongoing treatment.

Excessive hair growth can appear on the face, neck, nipples, chest, abdomen and upper leg/bikini areas – all can be treated with electrolysis.

Body areas are easy to cover and therefore allow growth.  Understandably, the face can be a real problem because for electrolysis the hair needs to be long enough to pluck.  Many women find it hard with schedules to allow the growth which needs to be considered in planning the treatments.  Over time hair should reduce in thickness and amount, making it easier to cope with.

Being one of the 1 in 10 women who suffer with PCOS, please rest assured I understand how unfeminine excessive hair growth can be and not just on the face.  I wish to make clients feel comfortable and able to ask me to treat any area.

At the salon we can also offer treatments to reduce other symptoms of PCOS, like acne, with facials and holistic treatments which are believed to aid fertility.