Electrologists have been successfully treating skin blemishes since the 1900’s. At Collistear we are able to offer you advice and treatment on the following.

Thread Veins, Broken Veins, Red Veins, Spider Naevi/Telangiectasia Permanently dilated capillaries
There are many causes from hereditary, harsh weather exposure, medications etc.  Electrolysis is used to dry up and destroy the vessels. 

Blood Spots/Cherry Angiomas/Campbell de Morgans
They appear as bright red raised or dome shaped spots commonly found on the torso.  There is no known cause.  The spots come with age and are more common in men.  Electrolysis is used to dry up the blood supplying the spot.  More than one treatment may be needed.

Skin Tags
Resembling a small soft piece of skin, sometimes darker in colour, found in areas of friction like the neck, under arms, bikini line.  They are viral in nature but not infectious.  Electrolysis is used to cauterise the tag from the skin.

White hard tiny lumps under the skin.  They are commonly found around the eye area made up of keratin and it is unknown what causes them.  Electrolysis is used to break down the keratin so the body can absorb it and remove it from the skin.

If you would like to have a consultation with us, please contact us via phone or the contact us page on this website.

Consultations are required to be able to advise on treatment length and cost however this starts at £40 for 10 minutes.