10 Minutes - £25
25 Minutes - £50
40 Minutes - £80
55 Minutes - £100

Treatment courses are available where you can pre purchase a block of minutes. A 20% discount will be applied to courses.
Your treatment plan will be discussed during your initial consultation.
If you wish to book a consultation, please call us or fill in the contact us form on this website.


Due to the nature of this treatment please cancel your appointment giving as much notice as possible. 
Giving notice on not being able to attend your session will give us the opportunity to contact another client
where a few days notice may be required to advise someone to stop shaving/trimming hairs they wish to have treated.

Failure to give adequate notice for cancellation will result in a fee will being charged in compliance with consumer Law.

More than 48 Hours prior to appointment – NO Charge

Between 24 and 48 Hours – 50% of treatment booking

Under 24 Hours – 50% treatment booking

The cancelation fee must be paid prior to any other bookings with us.
If you are on a treatment plan the minutes will be deducted as above and agreed in writing when setting up this option.



We do not charge for consultations as we believe that giving you
our time to explain electrolysis and allowing you to be able
to make an informed decision 
weather electrolysis is the correct path
for you is
extremely important